Blessed spiritual

Jewelry to inspire transcendent elegance

Del Pozzo Jewelry
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Blessed spiritual

Del Pozzo Jewelry

Del Pozzo Jewelry encompasses unique beauty with natural gemstones and pearls from Mother Earth. The entire universe is made of energy and your body is no exception. Using Shambala forms, Chakra colors and spiritual aspects, search for your heart’s desire and what you connect with.

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Blessed spiritual

Whether you are searching for gorgeous jewelry you’ll wear every day, or a stunning one of a kind piece that you will always treasure, there is something for every unique individual.

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Why Us

Connection to your deeper self

Jewelry defines you. Its intimate, personal and can shift your perspective or that of those around you. Choose what moves you, makes you secretly smile. Who are you, really? Let the world know by what you choose to wear on your skin.

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Sozo Heart & Ubilam Malibu

Sozo Heart & Ubilam Malibu are both passionate about the need to make a difference in the world. Sozo Heart recognizes that essential oils are medicinal and can target depression & anxiety to help new mothers, including all people to feel grounded.

Ubilam Malibu is an eco-conscious brand with sustainable values. Hand pouring toxin-free & 100% clean candles. For every candle purchased, Sozo heart will donate 10% to maternal mental health organizations, while Ubilam Malibu will have trees planted to replenish our ecosystem to aid the global restoration.

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Meet the Founder

Tanya Del Pozzo

Del Pozzo Jewelry was founded in 2002 by actress/producer Tanya Newbould. This luxurious jewelry designs appeal to all kinds of women; sophisticated, feminine or modern. Tanya has the ability to capture virtue – which has become her signature style. For Tanya, jewelry must be more than a beautiful addition to an outfit. It must be meaningful and provide strength to the wearer.

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