Interview with Brianne Davis

Brianne Davis is currently starring on History Channel’s hit tv series SIX as Lena Graves, wife of Navy SEAL Joe “Bear” Graves. She is an incredible actress and director whose passion for film shines through in all her work. She’s dedicated herself to helping out with the military and their families and I was amazed to learn she’s traveled to over 15 bases performing with the USO! That connection to the military really came through in her portrayal of Lena. I was so pleased when she agreed to this interview, I hope you enjoy.

I am a military wife myself – my husband is in the Navy, so I feel a strong connection to your character, Lena Graves on SIX. The grace that the families are treated with on the show is one of the biggest draws for me, so I am especially appreciative of you taking the time for this.

When you first heard about the role of Lena, what peaked your interest?

The role just really hit home for me. I am from a military family and know about the hardships being in the service can have on a relationship. Also, it was everyone that was involved in the project. Leslie Linka-Glatter directed and executive produced, and the creator, William Broyles and I had worked on Jarhead together. It just felt so right and natural to play Lena.

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