Del Pozzo Jewelry

About Del Pozzo Jewelry

Del Pozzo Jewelry was founded in 2002 by actress/producer Tanya Newbould. This luxurious jewelry designs appeal to all kinds of women; sophisticated, feminine or modern. Tanya has the ability to capture virtue – which has become her signature style. For Tanya, jewelry must be more than a beautiful addition to an outfit. It must be meaningful and provide strength to the wearer.

Embraced and adored by kindred spirits and celebrities, Del Pozzo Jewelry embodies a deeper connection to one's deeper self. By wearing her jewelry you are making a choice to seek love, protection, beauty and an awareness of higher self.


About Tanya 

Tanya Newbound was born in Manchester, England and moved to the US when she was a child. Tanya grew up with an early love of gemstones that she carries through today in each design. Her travels to Bali awakened her connection to the magical healing power of precious, semi precious stones and pearls. She has since adopted the practices learned from Bali locals and continues to incorporate them into all of her designs. Each piece in the Del Pozzo collection is infused with a significant power. If you are seeking something in life, Tanya can create a one-of-a-kind piece just for you.

Following the birth of her daughter, Tanya suffered from Postpartum depression. When she was unable to find more information on the condition, she decided that there was a need for a documentary that would help women in similar situations and families around the world. She went on to Co-produce "When the Bough Breaks" a documentary narrated and executive produced by Brooke Shields. The is now available in over 70 countries and six languages on Netflix, iTunes and various VOD platforms and this issue continues to be dear to her heart.