Why do humans love jewelry?

There are many reasons so let’s chat about a few of them.

Significance can be one

The woman or man wearing a specific piece of jewelry may feel like a representation of their being or soul. Some people are attracted to certain stones which carry specific energy, while others only like gold or silver. Their signature piece becomes a part of their identity and others expect to see it when that person is in their presence. Some put a piece of their favorite jewelry on and never take it off their entire life.

Style is another

Some women are small in stature but love large, chunky pieces, while other women are Amazonian, but enjoy dainty petite, understated pieces. What type of wearer are you? Do you identify with certain gemstones or diamonds? Are you a turquoise or opal kind or gal? Jewelry carries energy and specific stones can create energy, protect energy, revitalize energy, and release energy depending on what you are looking for. Do you like to make a statement? Do you follow trends, or go with your own desires? Perhaps you like the comfort of an heirloom that has been passed down through generations.

Daily Wear is a third

Many people like jewelry that they can wear daily, which will fit into their work/play life but looks stylish nonetheless. Many women like hoops if they have more than one piercing in their ears so that they don’t have to remove them nightly before sleep, we got you covered.

At Del Pozzo Jewelry, we have fun with all these aspects. One of the specialties Tanya has is taking mom/grandma’s heirlooms or gold and repurposing those pieces so that you have up-to-date pieces that you will be excited to wear everywhere you go. As a designer and creator, Tanya has the ability to see the possibility of what something can become, much like the caterpillar before becoming the butterfly.

If you would like to learn more on how to repurpose some of your pieces or select a piece that is perfect for you, leave us a message or book a Discovery Call on tanynewbould.com

Until next time.

With Grace,